Ejercicios: Conjunctions

  1. Grammar Snacks: conjunctions: and, or, but, so, because, although- exercises.
  2. Conjunctions, grammar practice worksheets.
  3. Coordinating conjunctions.
  4. Using commas with coordinating conjunctions.
  5. Conjunctions Handout. Seguir leyendo Ejercicios: Conjunctions

Ejercicios: Comparative/ Superlative

  1. Comparative adjectives.
  2. Comparative adjectives (2).
  3. Comparatives and superlatives of adjectives.
  4. Comparative, superlatives. Seguir leyendo Ejercicios: Comparative/ Superlative

Ejercicios de Too – Enough

  1. Enough and  too exercise.
  2. Very, too, enough.
  3. Too and enough.
  4. Language. (extra handbook). Seguir leyendo Ejercicios de Too – Enough

Ejercicios Acerca de If/Whether

  1. Whether- If (web).
  2. If or whether: grammar exercise (web).
  3. Bob asked Carla If/whether she was/were happy.
  4. Indirect Question- exercises (web).